communicate to strenghten relationships

Are you sometimes frustrated because what you say does’t reach the other person? Do you get annoyed because your messages have no effect? Do you prefer to stay silent, so as not to burden the working atmosphere, and feel resigned on the inside?

Communicate with emotional intelligence

There are simple strategies that enable us to say what is important to us and thereby strengthen relationships, strategies with which we can communicate effectively and thereby enrich the climate in a team, strategies with which we can make ourselves heard and at the same time remain empathically connected with others. These strategies can be summarized by the term “emotional intelligence” – and the good news is: Emotional intelligence can be trained and strengthened.

Emotional intelligence at work

My workshops are strongly practice-oriented: As a team or as a participant, you will acquire soft skills of emotional intelligence that you can apply in concrete situations – addressing sensitive issues, conducting negotiations or resolving conflicts. You will learn psychological and verbal skills that you can successfully implement in daily life and that are effective and enriching both professionally and personally – you will learn how to establish collaboration, authenticity, empathy, spontaneity and trust in a communicative way.

Get creativity and innovation started

My workshops on creativity and innovation are based on the understanding that creativity is neither a personality trait nor a talent, but an mindset that can be consciously adopted and trained. In these workshops I teach techniques which allow participants to temporarily put rational thinking aside, to put themselves in a playful thinking mode, to develop a curious attitude towards the unexpected, to deal with failure in a beneficial way and to surprise themselves.

The workshops and trainings can be tailored to the needs of the target group.
All workshops can be given in German, English French or Italian.

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Collaborating with emotional intelligence


  • Communication in challenging situations: conversational skills, negotiation skills, crisis and conflict management, emotional intelligence
  • Creativity and innovation