Enriching each other's lives

In my workshops, the needs of the participants determine the content. For this reason, all my workshops are both customized and practice-oriented – participants acquire soft skills they can successfully apply in everyday life. In the workshops on communication in challenging situations, participants acquire verbal and psychological skills that enrich both their professional and personal lives – mainly collaboration, authenticity, spontaneity and trust.

My workshops on creativity and innovation are based on the assumption that creativity is neither a personality trait nor a talent, but a mental attitude that can be trained. In these workshops, I provide techniques that allow participants to temporarily suspend rational thinking, enter into a playful thinking mode, develop a curious attitude towards the unexpected, deal with failure in a beneficial way, and surprise themselves.

All workshops can be given in German, English French or Italian.

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Doing Creative Research


  • Communication in challenging situations: conversational skills, negotiation skills, crisis and conflict management
  • Creativity and innovation