A psychological take on your work

Supervision is helpful when client, customer or patient encounters are experienced as stressful, collaboration is unfruitful or minor and major team conflicts make everyday work a burden. Whoever is exposed to such stresses over a longer period of time can lose joy in work, decrease his or her performance, develop psychosomatic symptoms or even burn out.

In such situations, supervision supports you in reflecting on your professional talks and interactions from a distance and stimulates your resources – your room for maneuver expands, you feel capable of shaping your encounters fruitfully and you experience your own acting as a meaningful contribution to your work environment.

In a team, supervision creates a climate of trust, being heard and cooperation, so that work can be done and added value created not in spite of each other, but with each other. The goal of supervision is to strengthen the professional attitude and to ensure the quality of professional action.


  • Individual and Group Sessions
  • Case Supervision
  • Team Supervision for counselling professionals, medical and psychotherapeutic professionals, leaders and staff