Alba Polo

Education and career

Alba Polo has been working as a psychoanalyst and federally recognized psychotherapist in private practice for over 20 years. After studying psychology, psychopathology and philosophy at the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva, Madrid and Zurich, she gained a wide range of qualifications and experience in her clinical work in psychiatric and psychological institutions, with adolescents and adults, most recently at the Psychological Counseling Center for students and doctoral candidates at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. For her doctoral thesis, Alba Polo researched countless conversational processes and interaction strategies in interviews and identified what characterizes good conversations and how to conduct conversations successfully.

For years, Alba Polo has been passing on her knowledge to employees, teams and managers in private and public companies in coaching sessions, training courses and workshops on topics such as conducting conversations, conflict resolution, collaboration, negotiation, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation. For her workshops, she combines analytical thinking and creativity and always designs her offerings to be tailored to the needs of the participants as well as practice-oriented – because it is dear to her heart that the participants can effectively implement what they have learned.

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Various publications in journals, non-fiction and fiction. See: Publications